An illustration showing a limpet shell and a beach

Writing a Winter Beach - a pocket workshop

This is a tiny pocket-sized workshop for writing inspired by winter beaches. Take it out with you on a walk or use it as an aid to imagining a favourite beach from home.

There are six short writing exercises inside. Make sure you unfold the paper in all the different ways you can to find them all! This mini workshop will help you collect images, impressions and ideas, so you can get started on the beginnings of a new piece of writing.

Pocket workshops are meant to get messy. They're for scribbling and doodling in. Use them to collect sand,  tea stains and seaweed.

Please note that pocket workshops are purposefully small, so you can take them places without feeling conspicuous and to help you avoid fear of the blank page.


  • Made with

    100% recycled and unbleached paper and card made from post-consumer waste
    Size: 8.5cm/5.5cm

  • Alternative formats

    If you require a large print, screen-reader friendly or audio version of this pocket workshop please get in touch with us using our contact page (link here).

  • Share your scribbles

    We'd love to see images of your completed pocket workshop. If you're happy for them to be shared in an online gallery on this site, please contact us  to let us know.